2017 – a look back.

So here it goes, the official look back on my own 2017. I would dare to say that 2017 has on the other hand been an amazing year – ups and downs, as for everyone, but still been good.


January was an interestingly slow month – didn’t do much else but advancing in The Sims 4, which isn’t too bad. But this was indeed for a reason – it was all in preparation for going to USA!


The big tour, or well, the first big tour of the year anyway! We started the tour off in the UK, in London with Epica and Powerwolf on their joint tour, which was beyond amazing! Both these bands, seriously. The next day, Nathan and I headed off to Copenhagen in order to jump on our plan bound for Los Angeles and my first personal visit to United States! We arrived in Los Angeles around 18 and jumped on a very long busride all the way up to Santa Cruz where we’d attend the second show of the tour, which was a Lordi show at the catalyst. While Galway still hosts the smallest stage Lordi’s played on (when I’ve seen them) but it was still amazing. Got back to L.A. to do what I never thought I’d do – See Lordi perform at the Whisky a Go Go. I knew I’d one day see a band perform there, but never thought it’d be Lordi. But it was, and it was magical.

We stayed in Hollywood for some more time, seeing Danse de Sade at the Viper Room, visiting the Rainbow a few times and other places – perfect vacation. At the end of February I also caught my first show of Epica’s scandinavian principle tour.


Started the month off again with Epica tour, the second and last date for this time, but no need to be sad, as March was the month of Sabaton and a little Battle Beast. The shows was amazing – and it allowed me to discover Twilight Force as well, which has, well, you know that! Amazing show spent with amazing friends – visiting cities like Örebro, Norrköping, Stockholm and Paris. Was amazing.

In March I started three new jobs – all in the same time actually. Sometimes, it all just happens at once.


In April, I saw my last show of the Last Tour for this time – up in Luleå. It was interesting, as it was almost summer weather in Stockholm, but I arrived in snowstorm in Luleå. I loved it though. I also set sail for Finland and witnessing Amaranthe for the first time since the change of singer, and since the new singer was no less than Nils Molin, this was beyond amazing.

I also got my new apartment – so packing started happening.


May was a real slow month. I spent most of my time only moving actually. Eurovision was amazing – Portugal won, which was great. Preparations for festival seasons ensued.


Official start of festivalseason! Sweden Rock was first out with Sofia, Malin and Johanna, which was amazing. Sweden Rock is really like a safe haven. The week after I headed off to Belgium to attend Graspop Metal Meeting, and I found a whole bunch of new friends by accident, but friends I am happy to have in my life.

And the week after that, I set my sails for Norway instead to witness what in my own personal opinion is the most epic Sabaton show I’ve ever seen – at Fredrikstens fortress, a special “Carolus Rex” show. Beyond amazing.


Festival season continued, but in a lot smaller scale. One trip down to Trollhättan for Vicious Rock Festival together with Sjorven and having a jobinterview for something that would change everything. On top of that, I saw Lordi perform an amazing set. DEMONARCHY. Seriously.


Festival season again. I started out my August by abandoning Skogsröjet (Still painful) and set toward Germany and Wacken for the first time in my life together with Maria, Thomas, Jonathan and a bunch of their friends. Despite the deep mud and all the rain, we had an amazing stay and I do not regret going there at all! Next up was Sabaton Open Air, with Sjorven and his friends. The festival was amazing. Sjorven spent some time here, and in the mean time we managed to do Falkenberg Rock Fest and even some other things like Njupeskär and Liseberg.


We set off to Hagfors to catch Amaranthe live in this new cute venue called Uddeholmsladan, which is quite literally a barn. I really hope this venue kicks off real time. Next up was a minitour, going through Norway and Spain – starting in Oslo with the amazing Battle Beast and then to Spain for firstly Serious Black, which we missed half the show of, and then the next day Lordi at probably the oddest festival I have been to so far. But it was really good, really amazing.


October  was a bit quiet of a month, but I don’t think I mind it too much. Can be good sometimes to catch your breathe every once in a while. I took a tour down to Belgium, where I first saw, well, half a show, of Epica and then an amazing show of Twilight Force. I spent the next few days with Sjorven, playing Pokémon, shopping, dining, all good stuff, you know?


November was a lot busier. First off, Battle Beast tour in Sweden. I did two shows out of four, and Battle Beast aside, what was most amazing was seeing Dynazty being their opener! Both shows where amazing, I got to meet Toivo and Susanna on these gigs too! The week after I set off to the UK with my favorite brits Nathan and Niki for a great weekend in Leeds, seeing Alice Cooper with his original band! Beyond amazing!

Another week goes and go a bit south instead – Bochum and Germany, together with Sjorven, Laura and Niki to catch Battle Beast once again, but this time with Silver Dust as their supportband! Great show, and more so, a great stay. Before so, I saw Stone Sour and Pretty Reckless in Stockholm together with Robert, Ida and Adam. Two bands I have not seen before, which is quite rare for me!


December was a quiet and nice ending. Szilvi, Sofia and I went on the Sabaton Cruise for the first time, which was really cool. At first, a little disappointing as we had grown our expectations up too high, but once that was out of the way, we really enjoyed our stay. Will do again.

Sjorven came here for the holidays, and we went to Boda Borg together with Maria and Thomas and later my brother, playing Pokémon and boardgames. Sadly enough, I got ill for the New Years Eve, but it can’t all be perfect right?

So there it is folks. My year. It’s been filled with ups and downs, but in hindsight, it’s been a great year, and I’m not ready to leave, but on the same time I am so ready to head into 2018.

This was my predictions from last year:

  • Make it to 500 CD’s. Despite not finishing my goals last year, I raise the bar. – NOPE-
  • Travel somewhere new aside what is already planned. – I guess Wacken counts?
  • See Van Halen live – Nope
  • See Bon Jovi again – Nope
  • Start writing somewhere new. – Yes, I did indeed. In the most unexpected of places.

So, essentially, I didn’t do a very good job. But at least two of them is done.

So for the next year:

  • Make it to 500 CD’s. I’m just going to keep this.
  • Make a long distance travel alone.
  • See Van Halen live
  • Read at least 50 books.

A bit different resolutions or what you wanna call them, but here they are. I really hope I can finish the reading one, I set it a bit short for a start so it’s you know, achieveable.

And here goes my honorary mentions, people who made my year special.

Nathan, Niki, Sjorven, Ida, Curt, Robert, Santi, Frida, Misa, Thomas, Szilvi, Hansi, Stephen, Jonathan, Sophie, Angelina, Maria, The Count, Laura, Nathalie, Jill, Adam, Sofia, Sofia, Emelie, Markus, Martine, Jörgen, Alexandra, Jonathan, Cyril, Chiara, Jenny, Linn, Sebastian, Toivo, Jesse, Susanna, Juuso, Hanna, Adam, Vanessa, Erik, Malin, Elin, Sandra, Réne, Mina, Helle, Mashima, Amanda, Kim, Julia, Tero, Susanna, Saana, Alice, Alex, Ludvig, Jack, Jenny, Stevan, Adam, Malin, Tinna, Ellen, Aly, Jeffery, Johanna & Sebastian. Sabaton, Amaranthe, Twilight Force, Battle Beast and most importantly – Lordi. Thank you for believing in me.

// Sara


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