Eagle Fly Free

So, for once I actually… could sleep in. Well somewhat, it was still a relatively early morning, but not as early as usual which is amazing. I got up at around 7, headed down to the busstation and had an early and light breakfast at Espresso House (where else?) before getting on the bus to head to the airport.

The flight was uneventful, and thus started the long journey from Düsseldorf to Dortmund. Which was a lot harder than it needed to be. First I get to somewhere, somewhere I don’t even remember, and then onward to Dortmund. But at this point, I had gotten so tired of traveling, especially considering the train got delayed and stuff.

So once in Dortmund, I actually got myself a taxi even if I normally don’t do that kind of stuff, only to just reach my destination about this year. So, once there I got settled in in the probably cutest apartment! This is something I really love about AirBNB, that the places are so cute, cozy and amazing.

I started preparing my surprise for Sjorven, consisting of a dinner and movienight. Once he arrived around nine, he got settled in, we had our dinner and movienight before going to bed.

After all, it had been a long day for both us, and tomorrow it was yet another heavy day.

// Sara

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