Blind and Frozen

So! On it again, and this time I headed over to the United Kingdom, it’s been some time since last. Or actually, it hasn’t. Only like nine months ago. Which is quite some time now that I think about it.

Got on the bus at five in the morning, got perhaps one or two hours of sleep, jumped on the plane around 10 – it was quite uneventful if you ask me. A bit ahead of time. The drama started once landed, in fact. First and foremost, Nathan and I struggled to find each other. Finally though, we did and headed off to our normal place to eat – McDonalds. It’s just, we always eat there. It’s that simple, really.

Nathan was a bit of a tight time schedule, as he was attending and playing an event, so sooner rather than later we made our way to our hotel. Or tried, anyway. Firstly, we took the tube all the way to Heathrow, as our hotel is located by Heathrow. So, we get there, and then we try to order an Uber after realizing it’ll be hell trying to get there with the bus right now. Said and done.

After ten minutes, the uber was still five minutes away, and then six, and finally, after 15-20 minutes he shows up, only to say he thought it was cancelled, because he got into an accident – an accident that left no visible marks what so ever on his car. He even tried to check the inside of the door to see if it was damaged, but honey, if your car isn’t damaged on the outside it’s not gonna be on the inside.

So, what happened is that he refused to drive us because of this – so we ended up taking a taxi instead. The driver has been reported to Uber though, so don’t worry about it. Taxi, checked into the hotel and then Nathan took off right away to the event, and I laid down to rest. I wasn’t feeling too well, sadly.

Once I started feeling better, I headed out to London for some very light shopping. Pretty much just stopped by two or so stores.

Firstly, I picked up a oven-glove or mitten or what you call it, which is something I actually lack at home. And two bottles of the face cleaner / make up remover. I need more of that stuff.

Secondly I got some christmas decorations. I need to start in time, so I don’t stress myself out too much.

The most purchases though, were done at Primark.

A smaller makeup bag to use when I got so shows that requires less make up and equipment to be brought, to optimize packing better, and second is tights with diamonds on it. How nice?!

Socks! And a lot of them. It’s different variations of winter socks, as well as a 7-pack of camo-patterend socks. Sabaton socks, also known as.

Plain blue top, my favorite color, and a cute tshirt with a penguin on it. I love it, really.

This is probably my personal favorite purchase. It’s a green/yellow knitted cardigan, and it pretty much has my name written all over it. How amazing isn’t that?

Once done, I found Nathan again and we picked up some late night food and headed home to the hotelroom for a drink and preparing for tomorrow, as we embark a seven hour journey to Leeds.

// Sara

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