The Lost Battalion

One of the most refreshing parts about being on a tour, is the kind of… how do I even put this, how it inspires you, to change it up, to fix it, to pull your life together. That is what I really love. And I started off my monday NOT by unpacking, because who has time for that quite frankly? Sure as hell not me!

But I did get some work done. Or a lot of it, in fact. I hope the rest of the week can run as smoothly as this have, and then I’ll be superhappy.

Aside that, I’m still planning my upcoming November tours. And they are pretty insane, if you ask me, but they will be sooo much fun, I am sure. We have the Swedish Battle Beast tour with Dynazty at first, then Alice Cooper in Leeds, and then yet another Battle Beat show, but in Germany. It will be so much fun.

// Sara

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