Pomona (Shit Happens)

Yeah, Shit happens is also what I could say about me ignoring this blog for like, almost two weeks. Not like me I know, but there were some business that simply had to be taken care of. And I’m finally more stable now and structured up my daily life a bit – isn’t that amazing huh?

In two days I’ll break my month long hibernation and get back on the road, and November alone will be filled to capacity with fun stuff! Actually, November is like 95% Battle Beast, but irrelevant, right?

I put myself on the waiting list for 70,000 Tons of Metal. I have yet to decide if it was a foolish move, or if I’m genius, all I know is that I have to raise that kind of money very very quickly to be ready. The line up is a basic dream, and the more bands they put out the more pissed I am for not going. But at least I have now tried. I always get what I want, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem right?

Epica’s Principle Tour and Dragonforce is on the list for this week. This will be about my what, fifth time or so seeing the same tour with Epica – but look, I can’t just say no to a concert when I so happen to be in the country now, can I? No, thought so.

Dragonforce, well I’m more going for Twilight Force to be honest. It’ll be like, the sixth time or so I see them too, but I can’t really count the four shows I saw with Sabaton. I just saw them by default really. It’s like my first two Dynazty gigs – they don’t count, I hated the band at that point.

With all of that said, I’m now going to check all my powerbanks, crack open a bag of crisp and enjoy this evening while trying to figure out what the hell to wear for Epica.

// Sara

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