Post tour depression hit hard, even if it was essentially just a warm up. But on the same time, I’ve found myself in a nice tranquil state, the calm before the storm if you want to put a word on it. I’ve taken the time to get a lot of work done, but also get stuff done here at home, investing it what will turn this apartment of four walls from a place to stay to a home.

First and foremost I treated myself to some new toys. A wireless bluetooth keyboard that allows me to play computergames as well as chat while in my couch – I cannot express the kind of freedom that comes with this. Not having to move the computerscreen which also serves as a TV at the moment, and not having to have dangerous wire set ups only to play games. I love it.

Speaking of games, I’ve found myself playing nothing but Roller Coaster Tycoon classic the past couple of days. Had to be done, you know. Another new toy I got myself was a portable speaker which also serves as a discoball. This one will be nothing but perfect on festival and concert trips. Partying was just taken to another level, that is for sure.

Other than that, it’s just some casual things. A carpet for the door. Some more paintings, FINALLY getting bedroom lamp and a new blanket. Because winter is coming and I cannot have too many blankets, I’ve noticed. The cold weather is real.

With that said, it’s just a matter of weeks until I return to Belgium for a couple of shows. It’s going to be mad nice, I can’t stress that. To see Twilight Force again, I really can’t wait for it. It’s a different thing seeing them as a “fan” so to speak. On tour with Sabaton you know, I only just discovered them. It’s not entirely the same.

Oh well. I should really get to bed now. I’m starting my new job tomorrow. I can’t really get enough of working. We have somethings planned, lets say we’ve put a ball into motion. It’s a long term plan, but with the right tools, timing and planning, I’m sure it will work out in the end. And I’m so excited about it.

// Sara

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