This is how We Do

Hearing Katy Perry’s “old” song “This is How We Do” always makes me think of traveling. While her song is primarily about partying at a club, some of it is still relatable. And if you just replace things like “buying bottle service with your rent money” with “buying concert tickets with your rent money” we are getting a bit closer. And then, the next song on the album is “International Smile” about a girl traveling around for bands, and simply having an international smile. For some reason, Katy Perry’s entire “Prism” album feels very relatable right now.

Touring season, that is the reason. But it’s not all bliss sadly.

We were reached with the news recently that Lady Gaga has to postpone her European tour because of illness. She was hospitalized in Brazil as you probably have heard or remember, and she’s now in rehab for the illness. We haven’t gotten a new date for the show just yet, but I hope she takes the time to get better. I was really looking forward to the show, and now I can’t wait for her to come back, once she’s better and in one peace.

Other than that. Slow day. Work. Unpacking… well, not unpacking. I’m going to unpack about the time I’m about to leave again. As usual.

// Sara

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