Wacken Open Air: The Journey (Part 1)

So. Very, very last minute I did actually decide on Wacken after all – as you probably already knew. So, Tuesday evening it was time for to take the, well, train down to Gothenburg to jump on the Festivalbus, which was supposed to leave from my town but yeah, it’s the Festivalbus so it never does.

I was going to Wacken with a large group of people, well, in my eyes anyway, and Thomas and Maria being the primary people I knew, I had been set up to travel down with two friends of theirs – Sandra and Johan. Upon arrival I also met the secret guest of honor Jørgen who was set to travel with us as well.

Train arrived, it was one of those tiny and old school trains with a complaining steward, off to a great start ey? But that aside the trainride was amazing. Getting to know three new friends as we rolled toward Gothenburg, and it went by so fast! At one moment we were like “Wait, is it only like 30 minutes left?” Time goes by when you have fun, you know.

Once arrived, we met up with some other people also going on the bus, picked up some late night dinner and went off to where the bus was to leave. Sadly, and somewhat annoyingly, it wasn’t leaving from Nils Ericsson terminalen as it usually does, but oh well. We walked to Göteborgs Operan where we were met by a double deck bus that had already arrived, and we chose the second deck of course! In the back, like the cool kids we are. Or something.

The journey to Wacken isn’t very long. It’s two ferries, and a nine hour ride from Gothenburg, so sleep wasn’t… well, it wasn’t generous. Especially since we had an.. interesting tourguide who woke us up every hour to make sure we had beer. Well. Ok.

Once arrived… we started with collecting our luggage and walk toward the entrance. I saw Thomas and Maria coming to greet us, but they stopped flat and with surprise as they saw our mystery guest! They were soooo happy to see him! We teamed up with Jonathan from Graspop as well, collected our tickets and made our way through the enormous camping toward J, where we were staying. And despite the long walk, I think we got a real good spot.

I was introduced to the rest of the crew, we put up our tents and then sat down to enjoy a nice drink. We chatted, caught up with each other and just enjoyed finally arriving to Wacken – and this is how entire Wednesday went down for me. I went to look at the merch and discovering the food, checking out the place.

It was good to be here.

// Sara

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