Graspop Metal Meeting Day 2: Saturday

Saturday was here! In all honesty, Friday passed on so quickly, I’m positive this whole festival will pass as quickly. Today however, was a real slow day for me. In fact, there were only two bands I really wanted to see – Avatar and Rhapsody. Avatar played already at 11.30 in the morning, so early up I was getting, and into the festival arena to watch, yet another, swedish pride.


Right on time the circus arrived and even though I hate the playtime they got – Avatar is best seen at nighttime or inside a club in my opinion, but I guess it is better than nothing. The boys put on a great show though – I always love seeing them. And I was happy to see they had quite the upshowing too, despite the early set.

After Avatar, I headed over to the food courts to pick up some breakfast  – something you simply can’t do if you try to reach a show – and then I met up with Jonathan and Stephen for Rhapsody.


So, remember how I said on Sweden Rock that I completely missed out on this band? Well, this time I made damn sure I was not going to. And I did not. With the company of two great friends, I witnessed a great show from this legendary band. It was good seeing it.

After Rhapsody, Jonathan and I hung around and lazily watched Danko Jones, before checking out the shoppingarea. To my delight, they have removed the fee to enter. Thank heavens! To be hones though, the heat of the day made it hard to focus – yes you heard me – I had a hard time focusing on what albums I wanted and did not want to buy.

Rest of the day I was chilling a bit in the tent before heading over to Camp Ellen to hang out, and then head off to Deep Purple which Ida, amongst others, wanted to see.

And I won’t put its own thing here for Deep Purple, because I honestly think that Elias was the only who actually paid any sort of attention to the band in question, whereas the rest of us were too busy playing around with other things.

We lazily watched In Flames after the show, before Dieter, Stephen me and Elias decided to go back to the camp to get Stephen an aspirin and to check on Jonathan who had mysteriously left. All was well – and we had a nice night chat before going to bed.


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