Graspop Metal Meeting – The Journey

It’s been only a couple of days since Sweden Rock, but it’s like they say – go hard or go home right? Very last minute I decided to repack everything because it just wouldn’t fit in the backpack, after all. No harm done, though. I got on the train to Gothenburg, which was… Well, train is just very interesting to go on when you travel with festival luggage. There’s never any space to put it, so you simply have to improvise. Gladly, for once, we were only 15 minutes late! I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not.

Once in Gothenburg, I locked up my luggage and headed off to Forex to exchange some currency. Because why would I ever do anything in time? That’s not my groove, and you know that by now I’m certain. Once done with that, I got off to have some dinner and went over some shops – because why not when in Gothenburg?

After that, dinner and then I headed off to the spot where the bus was to leave. Some people were already waiting, which was reassuring for me. It’s been so long since I last traveled with the festivalbus, and that was only from my town on top of that.

So I got on – claimed a good spot. Right in front of the toilet. Very important, especially for this long busride. Eventually people started to drop in, and FINALLY I saw a familiar face in Elias. The bus got, well, somewhat, full and we began our journey towards Dessel. It was a fairly peaceful journey… until the sunken Norwegian passed out in the bathroom. After he you know, puked all over. The police actually came in Germany but we simply left… well, you know. Don’t want troubles!

We arrived safely and a little sore in Dessel, got off the bus and took our luggage. We meant to go together, all of us, but yeah, that didn’t happen. We were a group of people that got a bit lost and behind, and normally, what happened, is that we formed a group. Elias and I had pre-purchased tents that were already built, but the others camped together and we were invited to join. We spent a few hours waiting – some waiting, some carrying luggage to make it go somewhat fast and easy and smooth for us. It was very nice actually, bonding with each other. People that at one point were complete strangers were now helping each other out. And oh, I shared a Sabaton beer with Jonathan, which was nice.

The first thing, I will not deny, that I did was to take a long nice shower. Well, it wasn’t that long, but it was nice. But the thing is with Graspop Metal Meeting – it might be called grass, but it is really the sahara desert. So after walking 10 seconds I was already covered in dust. Again. Oh well.

In the evening I pretty much just chilled, listened to music and took it easy. Preparing for the next coming days.

// Sara

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