Treasure Island

Just a few more days til Sweden Rock! It’s actually starting in just two days as I’m writing this, and it’s just so weird to think that something that you’ve been waiting for for this long is finally happening, that it’s just about to start. I can’t, for the life of me, really grasp it to be honest. And it’s always like this when it comes to a show or a festival – you simply wait, wait and wait, and then pof, it just happens. In the blink of an eye.

To make it even better, a set of necklaces from Forever21 made it in time for the festival! I was hoping to have them in time for Graspop, but they made it in time for Sweden Rock. Even better, don’t you think?

Talk about quick service, huh?

So right now, on the potential night before departure (I have yet to actually make up my mind about what day I’ll go) I’m in the charging mode… you know when you charge everything you possibly can, powerbanks, camera, phones, computers – you name it! I need to remember to print my tickets too… I have a lot going on it seems! I got myself some pink camo powerbanks – this way you will for sure know it’s mine, you know?

I’ve finished packing the clothes, well as good as anyway. Gonna go through the bandshirts as I finish this, and add socks and some extra pants. And then, I’m going to bed. There is never anything good in staying up TOO late trying to fix things you know?

// Sara

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