I Can’t Go On

And with that, Sweden is in the finale! To be honest, never for a moment did I doubt Robin. He sounded a bit nervous in my opinion, or well, the performance overall, but never for a moment did I doubt him.

Alongside him, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Australia, Cyprus and Belgium qualified for the finale. To be honest – the only entry I really, REALLY enjoyed tonight was Montenegro – he basically screamed everything that is Eurovision for me. But my vote went to Australia. I have this secret settlement with the Ubanks – they vote for Sweden, I vote for Australia and this way, Aussie and Sweden keep their beautiful little exchange 12 party. Well, let’s hope so.

I’m a little gutted Iceland didn’t make it through. She had a really nice routine, but aside that, the whole semifinal was a little bit weak in my taste. I hope for a better heat on Thursday!

// Sara

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