April in Music

Another month, another recap! Lets see how April looked like musicwise.

5. Amaranthe

After a delightful show in Helsinki, it isn’t much of a surprise they are up here, and they seem to steadoly claim the fifth place! Well, better fifth than not on it at all, right?

4. Sumo Cyco

Finally I got around to listen to “Opus Mar” which fell away in the priorities when work and travel and what not got in the way, but better late then never, and this album… Or perhaps it’s just this band all in all. Such a good album, I really wish they could tour here again soon, and that I can hopefully attend this time around!

3. Twilight Force

I think this band has become one of my favorites to work out to. Especially “Riders of the Dawn” which gives you the perfect energy for running up the hills. And you know, adventures.

2. Battle Beast

“Bringer of Pain” is, and remains, an amazing album. “Familiar Hell” as a song is just.. I can’t describe it, you know. “Bastard Son of Odin” remains my favorite work outsong, alongside “Drop Dead Cynical” and “Fury” with Amaranthe.

1. Sabaton

No surprise at all. I’m still high on “The Last Stand” and I don’t think that will wear off anytime soon. The titletrack itself is enough to keep me happy and content the entire day. I cannot wait to see them again.

Alright, so let’s move on to albums!

5. Rebels – Majesty

Majesty was Battle Beast’s supportband on the Bringer of Pain tour in Europe, and I really, REALLY, enjoyed them. This album is really, really good, it has turned into my to-go-to album whenever I need something to listen to.

4. Opus Mar – Sumo Cyco

New masterpiece of the band. I am getting as addicted to this album as I used to be of “Lost in Cyco City”. This band seemingly can do no wrong.

3. Heroes of Mighty Magic – Twilight Force

“Heroes of Mighty Magic” remains on the most played albums list – I suspect my sudden obsession with “Riders of the Dawn” to be one of the causes.

2. Bringer of Pain – Battle Beast

It’s been a bit of time since the tour, but this album is still going warm here at home. Amazing album, I’m telling you.

1. The Last Stand РSabaton

Well, well, well. No big surprise. As I mentioned when I talked about Sabaton, I’m still high on this album, so no surprise here.

Alright, last topic for the night is SONGS.

5. Familiar Hell – Battle Beast

Of course. This is easy my favorite song on the album.

4. Battle of Arcane Might – Twilight Force

I have a thing for listening to opening songs. Like, that open a show. It drags you back to the show, and gives you that adrenaline rush you have when a show starts.

3. Rebels of Our Time – Majesty

Easily my favorite song on this particular album. It was pure magic live.

2. Shiroyama – Sabaton

Eurovision-Sabaton is the best kind of Sabaton. And this song is one of the funniest live too, if you ask me.

1. Dial Tones – As it Is

AS IT IS is one of those bands that I discovered while going over the entire line up for Graspop, and this particular song has grown to be a favorite of mine. I was surprised I liked this as much as I did, but hey. Good music is good music.

// Sara


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