Ghost Town

Soo. I did originally plan to post a review today, but something sort of came in the way. THIS.

Art Nation announced a Sweden tour – which is more than pretty much any band I like have done – and they have som real good looking dates! I’m planning to do both Karlskoga and Örebro, but we will have to see what actually happens. I’m so happy to see Karlskoga being on the bill – as you might now, my new job is actually located in that very town, but I remain here in Karlstad.

And to make this tour even better, Haunted By Destiny is the supportband, and it becomes beautiful for me, considering both of these bands were bands I discovered on Skogsröjet last year, so getting to see them both again, and together, will be… good. Really. Beyond good.

Let me know if anyone of you are coming to the shows as well!

// Sara

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