Jet City Woman

Long time no see. It’s really quite crazy at the moment at my place – A lot of heavy decisions has to be made, as well as packing and organizing for the move which is happening sooner than originally planned as you know.

But one thing that has been consistent throughout all of this, is me listening through every single band that plays the festivals I plan to attend. I am already since long done with Sweden Rock, and has now started on Graspop Metal Meeting. I sort of have to take the festivals in order, to make sure I don’t miss out.

It’s surprising how many bands you end up liking, as well as bands you end up, well, not liking. But it’s fun to see what is originally like ten bands, quickly become 30.

Another heavy thing that has happened is that today I did my very last shift in the stable, at least for now. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but also a relief to know that it’s over now. That now I don’t have to think about that as far as my weekends goes. And what makes me happy, it really does.

Aside that, I’m really falling asleep and I should probably head to bed. It’s been four days off, but not for me – always working.

// Sara

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