Pretty Little Distance

So, I have started to box things up here at home for the upcoming move to the new apartment. I knew I wasn’t going to stay here forever, but it’s a surreal feeling know the days are now counted. Due to time, I haven’t packed a lot – just my closet really, but it is indeed a start.

I planned to actually have my unsorted CD’s sorted before I get out – that way I know what CD stand they will belong to, and I don’t have to feel bad about them never getting sorted.

I am really excited about the place. I know it will take time for me to make all the money necessary to decorate it the way I want it – but isn’t that the beauty? Once there, I’ll start making up the blueprints and plans on how to make it, and calculate exactly how much I’ll need for each and every room – making it the perfect living spot.

It’s good if anything, that I have something to entertain myself with these dreadful months without a single concert, don’t you think?

NP: White Flags – As Lions

// Sara

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