Keepers of Fate

Got up early this morning in order to catch the bus back to the airport. Despite having this little… scare? Do I call it such? I still went there with the same marginal as I usually do, and all was well. Got some time to do some writing for once – I’m slowly getting better at that.

It was a slow flight, not a lot of people and all went smoothly. There were some problems at the airport delaying it a bit once landed, but no big problems. I traveled into Stockholm City in order to pay my respects to the people who were lost in the attack on Friday, and also to our amazing police force that got the situation under control so incredibly fast. It was emotional, yet beautiful to see how the entire town has come together because of this.

After some quick lunch I got on the bus home.

It has been an intense couple of weeks with shows literally every weekend. It is both relieving that it’s over, but also sad. I guess it’s because of the circumstances – new job and all together with that, but I can’t wait to get on the road again. Which would be festivalsummer. Some long months ahead for sure…

// Sara

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