Princess of the Dawn

There’s nothing quite like the empty feelings that surronds you after a good tour – or more precisely, after a good tour finale. The empty feeling of knowing that this is it. That it was the last time, no more can you see this tour. The days you shard with the bands, the tours, the routines, it’s all gone.

I guess that is the bittersweet parts about touring, that it’s amazing at the time – but it all eventually comes to an end. And then you slow down, take a breath and gather new powers for the next round.

I realize now that I never actually showed you guys what I picked up while at the shows, and I figured I might as well do so.

Firstly, I got both albums of Twilight Force. I usually have this thing that, if the artist has only two albums then I get both of them. I can’t even motivate CD’s – like, I pretty much open my wallet and just let the money fall out.

Secondly, I got myself a Twilight Force shirt and Sabaton shirt each – this is my first proper tourshirt with Sabaton. Took me ten years, but at last!

And lastly, and this is perhaps the only actually necessary purchase – the Twilight Force tote bag. I have had mine from Lordi for ten year, and it’s really starting to give in. I plan to repair and fix it, but I have also decided to give it a bit of a break – and use Twilight Force more for my daily businesses. The thing is, I was supposed to get one from Epica – but at each of the three (!) gigs I went to – no totebag was available. Doesn’t it absolutely suck? Well, good for Twilight Force! Sadly, I have managed to displace it, so no picture as of now…

With all of that said, I’m currently in the process of preparing for my last show in a while, Amaranthe tomorrow in what sometimes feel like my second home Helsinki. It’s gonna be good seeing them again – and I’m not mistaken, they have Nils Molin on vocals right now, which makes it even better. I’m really excited for that specifically.

// Sara

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