Battles of Arcane Might

Finally, the pre-gig excitement are starting to kick in. I’m glad it’s doing so a few days before, and not the following night as it usually does. I guess this is because, partially, the discovery of Twilight Force, but also that I finally managed to finalize the bookings for Paris and Battle Beast next week – I seriously love “Bringer of Pain” so much, so I’m sooo happy that I get to see the show already now, and so soon.

It’s going to be soo good. Battle Beast, Paris spring time and amazing friends I haven’t seen in some time. Or well, it wasn’t too long ago, but after I missed out on Epica I’m glad I get to see them at Battle Beast instead, at least some of them which is a big plus!

Today has been a rather shitty day. It was fine at work, but I had to draw some blood later in the day which messed me up completely. It’s traumatizing for me, taking bloodsamples, and I don’t get why. Oh well.

Time for some rest, aye?

// Sara

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