Out of Control

First day home has been the laziest day ever, trust me. I have done some smaller attempts at unpacking, without any actual success more than putting some stuff in a bag only to take everything out of said totebag. I guess it didn’t help that I woke up somewhere along 15 on the afternoon, probably due to the lack of sleep. But you know, what can you do?

It’s weird being home. It’s just… It’s always like this after a tour you know. It’s odd to think that just two days ago, I was in L.A., now I’m back here – what we planned for six months is already over. It’s always like this with touring, with traveling. Everything comes to an end quicker than you expect it to, makes it question if it really happened.

On a more serious note. The first thing I noticed at the place we stayed in in L.A. was the Ireland tourist handbook. It’s funny, because our last Lordi vacation was actually to Ireland. And to make it even better, we found so many shops that was from the same country as our next Lordi vacation will be. I just laughed at the fact that everything just connects to each other. Perfection.

I can’t wait to get on the road again. It might sound weird, but that is where I really belong.

// Sara

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