Girls, Girls, Girls

So, finally, finally, finally – back on the road again. It’s been all the way since end of November since I last saw a concert, and traveled. Which is really far too long for me, if you ask me. But, finally! For the occasion, I decided to be time efficient – I had gotten a late flight so I did a quick visit to the hairdresser first, and then got on the bus toward Stockholm.

The busride as well as the flight was pleasant. I got some work done on the computer while on the bus, spent the wait between the flights talking to Niki and catching up – well needed! I slept most of the flight actually, for some reason.

Once in the UK, Nathan and his father picked me up at the airport and the drive back home to Portsmouth began. It’s quite a ride – not unbearable, just long. They showed me around the town as well – drove up to the (famous) Hill where you overlook the entire town. We had delicious burgers and then we continued throughout the town checking out the harbours and general history of the city.


Once at home I was greeted by his lovely family, and after some hours of chatting and talking it was time for us to go to bed – after all, we have a big day tomorrow – Nathan’s very first Powerwolf gig. Should be good!

// Sara

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