The Unholy Gathering

You know, the beauty with “The Unholy Gathering” is the fact you find yourself always chanting “THE GREEEEAAAAT DEMONARCHY, THE UNHOLY GAAATHERIIIING”. It’s such a perfect live song. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I do at home – if that song comes on, you fucking chant. I’ve even found myself at work starting to chant when I’ve listened to it.

Speaking of Lordi is awesome, because now it’s really only days. Only a couple of days. Days like, in two days I leave for the UK and Powerwolf and Epica. It’s so unreal in a way, but also so fucking cool. And on Saturday I board the plane to the USA. It’s scary, but also exciting. But I’m so glad to have one of the best friends ever, Nathan, by my side thought the entire journey. It will help sooo much, and I’m sure we will have a lot of fun regardless of what happens.

And gladly, I’ve managed to wrap up packing. I think pretty much everything is done now – I have a few things to reconsider, but aside that, all the important stuff is actually packed. And that makes me so happy. So happy that I did for once, make it in time. That for once, I don’t need to stress. So glad.


Today was spent with Adam as he accompanied me to get a new memory card for the new little video camera, as well as a headset to my phone as I cannot prioritize finding my other one. We ended up having dinner out and had a real nice chat. It’s good to catch up.

With that said, I’m now hitting bed. Long day tomorrow!

// Sara

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