All I Bleed

Today has been hectic. I think I have though, managed to get more done today than I have this week. I’ve booked my third job interview for next week – You know I rarely speak of these things, but, it’s exciting to think about. I have some job to do next week as well, so I will be really FILLED UP right before going to the States.

While I do have some concerns about going, I’m very excited and happy that it’s finally happening. Like, after all this time (not so long, after all) it’s actually happening. I will be at that very venue. I will see the band, I’ll be there with my partner in crime Nathan, and we will have such a blast I am sure.

With that small update, I sadly have to leave you because I am about to fall dead tired down and I need to catch a pokéstop (streaks!) before going to bed to prepare for tomorrows work.

// Sara

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