Olly Murs – 24HRS

So, as most of you probably know, or perhaps you don’t, depending on how new you are: I’m a sucker for Olly Murs. Ever since I discovered him about four years back with “Dance with me Tonight” and his “In Case You Didn’t Know” album. I really loved “Right Place, Right Time” and was.. somewhat fond of “Never Been Better”, so I was really excited when I noticed he was releasing new materials.

Sadly, the album didn’t exactly live up to the expectations. This will sound harsh, but I can’t really remember a time I was this disappointed. Good first half of the album, or more, was basically unrecognizable – to the point I didn’t even recognize his voice at certain points. His style has changed from the low beat pop music into over produced – ready-for-the-club kind of music, to the point where I could barely enjoy it. It felt a bit fake, if you know what I mean? I guess this is the transition older Taylor Swift fans has sit through with her most recent albums as compared to old, even though there were some nods to older material – “Years and Years” reminding me a lot of “Dear Darlin'” as well as “Grow Up” giving nods to “This Song Is About You”.

Then we have the thing with the voice. At first listen, I didn’t even recognize his voice. His accent came through every now and then, but damn he’s changed. I had to remind myself several times that this is the guy. It is the same guy. Even though it was hard to believe.

But fear not. Toward the end, toward the last couple of songs – the Olly Murs I have known these years shone through. Finally he started coming back with songs as “Flaws”, “That Girl” and my personal favorite of the album – “Better Without You”. I really fell in love with that song, so I guess it’s something good out of it!

But yes. This… this album hit pretty hard. Maybe I’ve grown out of Olly – or maybe this was really just that different, but I can honestly say this didn’t really rock my boat. But well done on completing the album, for sure.


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// Sara


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