REVIEW: Words of Farewell – A Quiet World

Words of Farewell is a melodic death metal band with its roots in Germany. While the band was formed already in 2007, it took up to 2011 before the signed with AFM Records and released their highly acclaimed debut album “Immersion”. 2013 they followed it up with yet another successfull album named “The Black Wild Yonder” and now, three years later they are finally back again with their third album, “A Quiet World”.

The album opens up with a strong track in the shape of “My Share of Loneliness” which gives you a promising outlook of the album with it’s interesting rhythm patterns and great melody sections. It does continue on throughout the album – the songs are well produced with a lot of earcandy going on in several songs, the one catching my attention the most “Gaia Demise”, and not to speak the variety of intro’s used – none of the songs were the same. You’d find oriental elements in “Gallows Frame”, only to get a more futuristic sound in “Limit Cycle” to a very interesting intro to “Oversoul”.

While the album does have it’s moments of heaviness in songs as “Zero Temperance”, I do feel that this album is a bit lighter than the previous albums – taking a softer approach to it all, without losing the headbangfriendliness that comes with heavier music.

The album is wrapped up in the melancholic – why do all the bands write melancholic dystopic songs nowadays? Is it some sort of trend? – dreamy, almost cinematic kind of song in the nine minutes long finale of the album. “This Shadow My Likeness” is an experimental kind of song, and it just became the perfect ending for this album.

Overall, I think this is a step up for the band. The music might have gone a bit softer than you might be used to, but the material is a lot better, if you ask me. I’d warmly recommend this album to you guys, if you are into heavier melodic metal, and into screaming vocals. I really enjoyed this one.

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara


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