Hulking Dynamo

So, this day was haard man. First of all, Paula woke us up in the morning (thanks dude!) as her plane was leaving earlier than ours, and then, after trying to catch one more hour of sleep (thank God I packed everything the day before, huh?) it was a heartfelt good bye between Nathan and I as I went out to get to the airport. Because of tubes and people, I ended up taking a taxi and traveling with the kindest of taxi drivers. Seeing that he saved my day, I tipped him pretty big. Seriously, people should appreciate service workers more.

Once at the airport, I checked in my luggage and I was happy to learn I had been upgraded to SAS Plus!  I don’t know why or how, but I didn’t really care that much. Hello, PLUS!


Because of me being a bit late, I didn’t have time to catch something to eat – but you know, thanks to the upgrade, that was not an issue! Food was included! Damn, I wanna travel SAS Plus every time now, simply because of this. This plane was outbound to Oslo, so once landed in Oslo I bought myself a cup of coffee and sat down to organize things on my computer, in my very long wait for the bus.

Later in the evening, I got on my bus and started my journey home to my town.

Seriously. Last minute trips are for some reason one of the best trips. I guess it’s because of the spontaneous nature. That you just GO. I love that. Again – thank you all wonderful people who were a part of this trip. I love you all.

Til next time!

// Sara

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