VIP in Hell

Today started fairly early for all of us, as we had decided to head for an early viewing of the Guinness museum. We decided to walk, as it was only about 20 minutes away, but I’m going to admit it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant walk we’ve ever had, as the bad weather had just hit Ireland, at least since we arrived.

We finally arrived at the storehouse, and it was pretty cool! As you guys might now, I’m not much of a drinker, but it was very very interesting to see how they make this famous brew. We got to witness Nathan pour his own pint of Guinness, and my favorite part was the advertise part where they had a singing oyster and a fish on a bicycle. It absolutely made my day. We made our way up to the Gravity bar, and the view over the town was absolutely mesmerizing!

barrels   fishridingbike nathanpourindpint shitelingclam view

After this, we headed down to Arthurs Pub close by for some delicious lunch with nice catching up and shelter from the rain. Straight after, we headed toward Dublinia, the viking and medieval museum, which was VERY, VERY interesting and fun. It was an interactive kind of exhibition where you got to parttake a bit, and I just love those. It gets more interesting.


After Dublinia we headed straight home through the pouring rain, warming and drying up a bit at the hotel before heading down to the VAT house Pub for a last drink before our last day here in Dublin. It was a nice evening with the same musician as last night, remembering about the great times and of course, a lot of excitement for tomorrows show.


// Sara

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