Glory and The Scum

You know, I’m this person who’s a bit of an in-betweener. I really love productive days, but when it all comes down at the end of the day, I get completely numb even though I know things will sort out so quickly if I simply pull myself together.

First of all – I was extremely worried for my work today. I had three different shifts, and since I wasn’t confident I’d finish the first in time, creating a domino effect making me late on all of them, I had troubles sleeping. But, everything went fine. Actually so good that I’m not even sure if it’s a good thing. It can’t be a good thing when things go too smooth, now, can it?

I had a very short drum rehearsals today. I basically just went over the same songs again, picking up extra things I hadn’t thought about before. I’m going to try to structure up my rehearsals better starting from next week, when I have a bit more time to look into lessons, tabs and so on which will make thins A LOT easier.

And thirdly, finally bits are coming together for November tour. First and foremost, bookings has slowly started, which really both excites me and exhausts me. I think it’s in the moment of the booking that it’s just stressful all over – what if I took the wrong date, the wrong hotel, wrong amount of people? So many things can go wrong, and what if I got the wrong concerttickets? THE HORROR. But, when all is said and done, everything feels much better.


Secondly, I decided to get a new bag for hygiene products yesterday. I saw this lepard bag that has the same construction as my make up bag – you fold it together and zip it up for easy travel, and then you open it up and fold it out, and it has a hook at the top so you can hang it up. It’s going to be soo relieving to be able to HANG UP your hygiene products rather than just stacking it up everywhere and nowhere when traveling, will save time, headache and troubles packing too, as it’s just to roll it up as soon as your done. Convenient for touring, you know.



And… while at the store, I noticed a book sale, and ironically and perhaps a bit of faith – only one tourguide left, and it happened to be Paris! Since I’ll spend a few days there, I figured I might as well get this one, so I can make sure to maximize my stay there! I’ll sure take my time with this one.


But for now: Trying to find a hotel that will fit for all three concerts. Headache upcoming.

// Sara

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