We Are Not Like Others

I’ve spent these past days pledging a few albums, such as The Lounge Kittens upcoming “Sequins and C-Bombs“, Sumo Cyco’s second album as well as Martin Sweet’s new project Sweet Creature’s debut album, “The Devil Knows My Name”.

While I am excited for all three of these albums, most certainly Sumo Cyco’s seeing they very quickly made their way up to one of my favorite bands with their first album “Lost in Cyco City”, I’m getting more and more intrigued by Martin’s new project.

Today, they posted their third single for the album, “Our Moment

No surprise, that it does sound a bit Crashdiet, but with Martin on vocals, but I do really like the song, as well as what they have released before. It’s showing he still got it in him, and I think this album could potentially be a killer. It does sound very promising.

Sweet Creature consists, aside Martin Sweet, of Linus Nirbrant from This Ending, Tin Star from Gemini Five and Michael TxR from Toxic Rose, which sort of makes this band a bit of a supergroup, on the underground level, so to speak. If you also want to contribute to this album, here’s a link to their Indiegogo so you can order the album yourself. I have included links to the other two mentioned bands as well on the top.

All I can say, I’m super excited for all these releases, and I can’t wait to get them home.

// Sara

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