Today it arrived! My Delain Moonbathers box, I’ve seriously been waiting for this box ever since the album came out. I’ve been wanting to dig into this album right away. The single, “The Glory and the Scum” got me so excited for the album so what can I say aside FINALLY!


So this is the little box. I must admit I was happy to see it was a bit smaller than Sabaton’s gigantic box, and it’s all made out of wood, which gave it a more… authentic touch.

So, what’s in it?


First and foremost, the album! I was happy to see it wasn’t a gigantic earbook, but simply one of these mediabooks – so it fits in my recordcollection, haha. Finally, finally I have the album in my hands. I’ve been waiting.


A Delain pendant. At first when I saw the image I was a bit worried, because it looked rather big, but this – this is the perfect size. I like it!


A wallflag, with the “Moonbather” motive. I prefer not to open them until I’m going to use them, so sorry for the, well, shitty image!


Lastly: A 7″ single of “Chrysalis” and “The Monarch”. This was a nice extra touch – apparently, it’s supposed to be silver, I have yet to find out when I open it!

So, that was that! I’m glad it finally arrived so I got the album most importantly!

// Sara

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