Sabaton Open Air – Sunday

Let me tell you about this night alright. We went to bed at about 3 am in the morning, I was lying on nothing but my not blown up matress in the gig clothes, not having done anything, when I’m woken up at 4.30 in the morning by Jonathan screaming. At first I’m like, what the hell? And I’m asking him what is going on, apparently, someone tried to push over his tent and steal the rain protection. What the fuck guys? Since when do metalheads do pranks like this? And considering the camping searched all the bags and shit, where were the guards if the safety was so important? Jesus christ. We commonly refer to this as the “Tent-Attack”. And the name is so funny I can’t stop laughing at it.

Tried to go back to sleep, not sure how successful it was, but I sure as hell woke up at nine as we planned in the morning only to realize Jonathans tent was filled with water. Oh well..I guess we can safely say he had the ultimate first festival experience!

We packed our stuff, which wasn’t a lot, and then went to the car, and headed down into the city centre. We walked around for quite a while hoping to find a café only to notice how utterly DEAD Falun is as a city. We did find a nice Pride staircase though!


We gave up very soon and headed over to MAX which was a very good decision – as we ran into Martine and the gang there! It was nice to be able to say one last good bye before going to our destinations. And also, it was nice to see a fast food restaurants filled with nothing but metalheads. How often does that happen? We had a nice breakfast / lunch whatever you want to call it, and as we got ready to leave, Michelle and her gang walked in the door! How amazing isn’t this. We said goodbye to them too, walked out on the parking lot being a bit confused for a while, only to remember we didn’t drive here and then walked back to the trainstation. It was a heartfelt good bye, but more of a “until next time!” and then Jonathan got on his train, and I got in my car.

I stopped halfway home as usual to take a break and enjoy Swedish nature, and of course take a haul picture for you all to enjoy!


Small, but significant. I had “Heroes” prior, but got it signed there. It’s “The Last Stand” and Hysterica’s “The Art of Metal”, also signed.

I continued my journey home, stopped by IKEA to pick up a frame for the vinyl and then crashed at home.

Thank you, all of you who were involved in making this trip and festival absolutely amazing! You rock, and I love you all!

// Sara

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