PART SIX: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

So yes.. after that incident, we decided to walk our way back into central Helsinki, or to be more specific, towards the Helsinki Cathedral. I’ve been in Helsinki many times, but never once have I visited the cathedral. We stopped halfway to get something to drink as our throats were still burning from the pepperspray. As I read my entry, I notice I failed to mention that it was pepperspray that had been sprayed inside the exhibition, so now you know. After walking for a bit longer, we reached the majestic building that is the Helsinki Cathedral. It is, honestly, quite the view.


We hung around for a while before we decided to go home to change our hotels. Nathan and I, booking you know, just a few days prior had two different hotels so we sort of needed to fix that. BUT. Not before Nathan could partake in the Vegemite challenge! He was objecting it a lot at first, but then he took a spoonful (why?) and then he kept chasing Sophie around the trainstation. Haha.

So, said and done, we changed the hotels, got changed, freshened up and then decided to meet up with Sophie and Marianne at the trainstation for some real late dinner. By Mariannes request, we headed over to Burger King and enjoyed a good meal. We had a lot of fun together before realizing what time it was… It was fifteen minutes until Ghost’s set would be over.

Well you know. That’s how it goes when you enjoy yourselves, I guess! Around midnight we parted ways and Nathan and I headed towards Bar Bäkkäri to catch at least ONE live show today – Toxic Rose.

There were various clubs that held various afterparties, mostly with gigs with smaller bands, which was very nice to see. I’ve been wanting to see Toxic Rose since I last saw them, so it was very convenient.

We came somewhere in the middle of the band playing before, got ourselves drinks and found a nice spot fairly close to the stage, but not up their businesses you know. They got on stage right on time and delivered a great and energetic set, despite the crammed venue. It was a decent amount of people, I must admit that were there so it was a good night.

toxicrose toxicrose2

After Nathan’s said a few compliments to the bandmembers we headed home and crashed on the bed, preparing for next day, which was heartbreakingly enough the last.

// Sara

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