Today has been a… calm day? I really don’t know how to put it. I started a new job today, which was awesome. I guess it’s waay too early to say that I love it, but let me put it this way: This is the kind of job I really like.

Other than that I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for this weekends festival. It’s sort of hard to look forward to, in all honesty, but I guess, and hope, it’s just my usual travel fever. I’ve tried to pack all the essentials, and now battling with what the hell to wear. That is always the biggest issue when packing – what clothes to pack. And it’s always the same story. Hopefully I figure something out.

I went over to IKEA today to pick up some new stuff for my room. I honestly do not know the english, and not even the Swedish word for what it is, but it’s those kind of things where you sort your mail anyway. And while I was at it, I got a few more magazine holders in the same color. I still can’t decide if I should get another pair or not. It’s hard, because I really really like the color and the material, and they will soon disappear from IKEA So… Damn damn. In the midst of Tuska planning and everything!


But now, my (current) favorite song with Avantasia came on, so I really gotta run because I can’t sit still when this is playing.

NP: Avantasia – Avantasia

// Sara

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