Where were you last night?

Or more like, where the heck have I been these past couple of days?

Well, everywhere and nowhere. This past Monday I head over to Stockholm to catch Hollywood Vampires live. It was quite an experience… you could say. We had a good day at Gröna Lund – ran into Sofia, Robert and Malin as well as riding some of the ride. What made it a bit… disappointing, wasn’t the band themselves. It was all the Johnny Depp fan-girls who couldn’t be bothered to stay the entire show, but only came to get a glimpse of him and then leave, ruining the rest of the show for us. We spent most of the time in songs like “Whole Lotta Love” moving out of the way for people leaving, and it just sets me off. It’s absolutely okay if you want to go and see him now that he’s in Sweden, but perhaps you should a) stay the whole show or b) consider to stand a bit in the back to begin with, because some of us are actually here for the BAND, and not a specific person. I mean, sure, I’m not gonna lie. The major reason I was there was for Alleysan, but in the end – I stayed the whole thing.

BUT. The band was really good. Entertaining. And as I already said before – nothing makes me happier than hearing those little words: “Play the part of Alice Cooper tonight is – ME!”. Seriously. I love this man so much.


Aside this, I’ve been mostly busy preparing for Sweden Rock. For once, I’m not going to disappoint myself by packing last minute, but actually you know be out in good time. Which is why I’ve already packed up most of the things that I need to bring. It was a warm and nice day outside, so I took the opportunity to pack outside. So, music, bags, clothes. Fantastic. I can’t even wait to get down there. I also need to remove the bagtag from last years Graspop. Damn. Time flies.


But now. A work weekend and last packing. But it sure as hell will be good to get down there.

// Sara



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