Metal Mas Clermont-Ferrand (part 1)

Exactly 6 am did my alarm ring and I laid and stared up the ceiling for a good five minutes before I dragged myself out of bed. The good thing about being on tours going TO a show, is that it motivates everything. It’s a lot easier to get out of bed (I said easier, not easy haha) and get your stuff together, because you really don’t wanna miss the train or bus. And especially not when the train ride is as long as this one, because we’d be essentially fucked if we missed it.

So, I collected my stuff, made a quick cup of tea which I downed so fast I burned my tounge. Ordinary things. I got down the hall, and despite this being around you know, 6.20 in the morning, there was a line. A fucking line for the check out. Well, good riddance on me that we decided to meet 30 minutes prior to the train, and that the railway station was just a few minutes away.

While down at the trainstation I didn’t find Madlen right away, but I figured I’d go to our track and I’d find her there, and I sort of did! She was on her way to the big hall but we just turned the other way around and got back to the track. I was sooo surprised to see that our train was already at the track, like, this doesn’t happen in Sweden. So we found our seats, got on the train, being more in a zombie mood than anything.

We planned to sleep, but it wasn’t really until we were a bit in the trip we actually tried to sleep. And then, we woke up right as we approached Saarbrücken. What a coincidence. We spent the next half an hour or so being confused to whether or not we were in France or not until the lady next to us told us we indeed were.

At this point there were barely any idea to go back to sleep, so we just let it be and really, literally, before we knew it, we were in Paris. Like, Sophie texted us that she’d be late, but that she was in the subway now, and we were both a bit confused, like “ok…” and then we approached a station, and we realized “Wait… WAIT.” Haha.

So, we got of the train with all my heavy luggage, seriously, I should really just have shipped off one of these with Michelle while I still had the chance. Anyway, almost directly we ran into our little Sophie, and it was a hugfest deluxe! Seriously, I haven’t seen this woman since Lordi’s Scare Force One release gig in 2014, so it was well overdue! The first thing we did was getting into the subway to get to a McDonalds for some lunch, and conveniently there was a McDonalds close to the subway station we’d need to change subway in… Did that sentence make any sense?

Anyway, once there, Madlen and I for starters got stuck in the elevator. Like. We tried to go up, but it would just keep opening the doors and never work. Then, out of nowhere, it went up and we were like “ok what just happened”. We found some cozy seats, and Sophie delivered the first batch of food and while she went down to get the second tray, we took the oppurtunity to place the jar of Vegemite amongst her food.

As she got back, we patiently waited to see her reaction as she’d move her food…. but she never did. She started eating her food directly of the tray, and despite me and Madlen’s extremely poor poker faces, she didn’t get it. At one point, Madlen even yelled out “OH COME ON!” and all that happened was Sophie apologizing for eating. But, after a while, she finally found the jar and gave me a look that could kill. This little thing led to Madlen doing the Vegemite Challenge, which… yeah, her reaction wasn’t the best, haha!


It was time for us to get going so we wouldn’t miss our train and so we did. It was a bit of hell to get down all the stairs with the luggage, but somehow we managed. For the train to Clermont-Ferrand, Sophie and I had gotten seats at the same place, but Madlen was in a different coach, however, we figure’d we’d get together in one coach and if someone comes, we’d ask them to switch with us.

On this train, on the other hand… We did actually get a bit of rest. All three of us, perhaps not on the same time, but we did.  I think sometime an hour or so before reaching Clermont-Ferrand we were all up and going getting excited for the show. Cyril got in touch and told he was there at this point, and as we approached the trainstation, excitment evolved.


// Sara

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