Grave Robbert @ Klubben, Fryshuset 12/1 -16

So, this time around we got on our usual Swebus bound for Stockholm, but this time the occasion was a little different. It was indeed once again for a concert, but this time we’d see our dear friend Robert perform solo for the first time, so we were superstoked to say the least.

We got to Stockholm around 16.35, as you always do with that bus, and the first thing we did was to find some baggagelockers to dump our stuff in. After this, we headed to Subway and I swear to God. I’ve eaten Subway in many cities, even a few different countries. But it’s always, ALWAYS at Subway Cityterminalen in Stockholm where it’s problems. The staff is easily distracted which leaves them doing multiple mistakes and they take twice the time it usually should take. And this is NOT in rush hours. Goddamn.

So, rush-eating the sandwich, then refilling our SL cards and heading towards Fryshuset. We were in SUCH A RUSH because of this little delay we had and walked in a rush to Fryshuset, only to find the doors being closed. So we went to the other door, and they told us it was the other door, and then they scolded the guard a bit for not keeping the door open. Once inside, we were delighted to see that the time schedule had been moved 30 minutes, so we were in good time, almost too good time for Robert’s show.

When we came to the venue it was… so little people there. Perhaps like 10, tops. I mean sure, it’s “only” a lot of local bands, and it’s “only” Emergenza, but seriously – in Stockholm, this little? A Friday night? It was a bit hard to comprehend in all honesty.

I got a weird text from Robert stating he could see us, and I tell you this. The only way to spot Robert is by seeing him lurking in the shadows staring at your from the oddest of places. And that is of course exactly where we’d find him this time around as well. He came out a bit before the show to really say hello and for a chat, and it was sooo good to see him again. We also met this new guy, Johan.

So, the clock turned 19 and it was time for Robert, or Grave Robbert, to hit the stage.

He had a set of 30 minutes and played both unreleased songs, released material and instrumental tracks. He was the opener of the night, and I must say, he put on a really good show! And damn, what a guitarplayer he is! Shredding like no tomorrow. I must admit I was very impressed, I had no clue how well he played in all honesty.


The set was, if you ask me, way too short, but a really good one nonetheless!

We stayed around a little more to watch some of the other bands before it was time to for us to leave to catch the last bus home to Karlstad, and say a heartfelt goodbye to Robert and Johan and then headed home.

Later in the night, we heard that Grave Robbert actually came in 2nd place, which qualified him for the next round of the competition! Congratulations dear, I’m soooo proud of you!


// Sara


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