Rachel Platten

So basically. While working I’ve had the radio in for quite a lot, mostly before starting my shifts and there was always this one song that kept coming on the radio – a song I figured was called “Stand by You” or something like that. After a while, I found myself keeping the radio on only to get to hear that song. I tried with my TrackID on the phone to find the song, but nothing.

Eventually, I looked it up and found the song. It was indeed called “Stand by You” by singer Rachel Platten, a woman I’ve never heard of before, but she sure as hell became important to me very quickly.

I had quite the meltdown yesterday because of Him, and the first thing that came to my mind was her album “Wildfire” which is quite, weird, since I don’t have it and I also just found out about this woman a day ago. The first song I found myself pressing, for some reason, was “Fight Song”.

And once again, music proves to find me rather than me finding the music.

Much like my experience with “Savage Requiem” from Magic Kingdom, this song was something I truly needed to hear right here right now. And this also put Rachel Platten among my house queens together with Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. And of course, her album is put on number one priority list on CD’s to get.

// Sara

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