Cherish My Memory

These past two days has been a little bit intense. First and foremost, we’re closing in on booking Australia. We finalized the booking for the homebound flight, and now all that’s left to book is like literally everything else, such as flighttickets home from Frankfurt, concerttickets etc etc. Well, I’m sure everything will work out just find in the end.

Speaking of Aussieland, not only are we soon done with bookings, but we are also leaving very soon. So today I finally started packing, and it did go a lot faster than I thought it would. I have packed what feels like nearly half my closet, because, lets face it – we are going to be away a long time. So I might as well.

All I need to get now is a new backpack, like a real traveling and hiking backpack instead of a suitcase to have on the plane.

But that my friends, is tomorrows issues.

// Sara

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