Unlike yesterday, we actually got up in time today. We packed our stuff, planned out a little bit on what to do during the day and when the cleaning boy came and knocked on the door we figured it was time to leave our beloved Omena Hotel once again. I just love it when you find THE hotels in the various cities and countries that you can return to, and now what you get and have as a safe place. I even refer to Omena Hotel as “the apartment” rather than the hotel nowadays.

We dumped our luggage at the railway station and headed off to Eurokauppa. I had seen a few things I wanted at the store, so we basically went in and out and then we went to Gina Tricot only for the reason of making time go by a little quicker before going to the airport.

And it was so chill. Like, no lines ANYWHERE. Security check was the chillest ever, like, for the first time ever I could actually put on my shit next to the conveyer belt instead of rushing away with everything. Once we were set, we started looking for the Duty Free for some candies.

So, I’m a person who stares at people. And if I catch someone staring at me, I’ll stare back even harder and sort of kill them with me eyes. And I got stuck in a staring war with this guy. After staring at him long enough I realized who the hell I was just trying to kill with my eyes.

Chris Fehn.

I was in a staring contest with no other than Chris Fehn. My eyes grew pretty big and I think he realized that I recognized him. I walked on a few steps where I grabbed Michelle and spat out “Chris! Chris! Chris!” and she thought “Daniel?!” (she’s an idiot, and Daniel, this one’s for you! Cheers!) and when we turned around the entire band was there. We just stopped and didn’t know what to do in all honesty. A part of me wants to go over and say something, but the fan in me tells me not to. So we continued walking when we get passed by Jim and Jay.

Somewhere along the road they turn around and I’m having Jay all up my face, basically. Kindly enough, he actually says hello and waves to me. I was a bit startled by this and managed to squeeze out a hi to him as well before we hurried down to our gate.

We waited a long bit for our plane, got on it, fell asleep… and then haha, Oh my god. So we started landing, and then the pilot goes “ehh, we can’t land because there are airplane parts on the runway, we’ll wait”. And I’m like, ok, I don’t wanna be in the plane that dropped the parts, that’s for sure! After that, we landed safely and when we went to collect out luggage, it turns out I hadn’t screwed on the cork on my Fanta bottle properly, so everything in handluggage was drenched. Most destroyed was sadly my The Hunger Games: Catching Fire book. That stung a bit. But I think we managed to save everything, gladly.

We took a big dinner at MAX before we got on the bus we are currently on to take us home to Karlstad where we’ll drop all our shit, repack quickly, grab a few tickets and tomorrow it’s Gothenburg and round two of SlipKnot!

// Sara

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