Enshrined In My Memory

Sleeping in today was good. Like, so good. I needed it, with my cold coming up. Did some last minute work during the afternoon, but aside this, it has been a good, calm and quiet Topsy Turvy day.

The only truly evenful thing that actually happened, is that “Hunger Games” aired on TV today and it was actually something I had looked forward too for like, a week. You see, today was “Hunger Games” and tomorrow it’s “Catching Fire” and I literally just rented “Mocking Jay 1” which makes it perfect in time for seeing “Mocking Jay 2” at the cinema.

Anyway. This isn’t technically the first time I saw the movie, but it’s the first time since I read the book, so basically I knew a bit more now. And one thing that truly pisses me off, is the lack of Madge. It doesn’t make sense that Katniss got the pin from her sister, I mean, if they couldn’t bother to put in Madge, who’s actually fairly important in all books, at least they could have had Sae give Katniss the pin or something. Sigh. So annoying.

But aside that, it was actually a rather good evening. And to wrap it up, I accidently stumbled across this video of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Enshrined In My Memory, featuring Elize Ryd. I have the feeling Elize is literally everywhere. I loved the song A LOT though, so I really need to look into this.

Now; off to bed. I really want to turn back the hours.

// Sara

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