Beat It

So, miraculously, CDON managed to ship “Gods and Generals” to me RIGHT IN TIME for New Years, and after a quick trip to Knastret, I can finally say I broke it. I reached 300 before this year was over, and I’m super happy about it.

So what albums did I get then? Well first and foremost, as I told you – “Gods and Generals” with Civil War.

whii 015

Secondly; Sabaton – Primo Victoria, re-armed version.

whii 009

Thirdly; Mastermind – Angels of the Apocalypse. I am not at all familiar with this band more than that I’ve heard their name, so it’ll be very interesting as soon as I sit down to actually listen through it!

whii 010

Fourth; Toto – The Seventh One. I actually hold this precious one on vinyl, but at the moment I’m just too lazy to convert it myself, and I’ve been wanting this on CD for SO LONG.

whii 011

And lastly; Van Halen – 1984. Also one of those albums I’ve been wanting to get for a very long time but never got around too. But finally, it’s in my possession.

whii 016

So, yeah. I feel pretty accomplished today. But now, bedtime!

// Sara

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