Let There Be Night

Wow. Guys, I’m truly sorry for the lack of updates. December has been superbusy with pretty much everything, considering Australia is creeping closer and closer by the day.

With that being said, issues have started to emerge as far as Australia goes. And that little detail, is the fact that Soundwave seems to be going nowhere. They not announced nowhere NEAR as many bands as I usually see them having and seeing the early bird tickets are still up, something is truly, truly wrong.

To make things even better, it is indeed confirmed Soundwave won’t go on in 2017, and rumors now has it it’ll be cancelled in 2016. AJ, the promoter, said yesterday that we’d be hearing from him soon enough, as soon as he knows himself, but it all feels pretty dark, if you ask me.

And it’s sort of… fun. Because I can honestly said, I’ve had a bad gut feeling about this trip all the time. But I decided to ignore it, and I figured it was because of out flightroute, or the travel being so long.

Turns out it was about this. All we can do now though, is to wait and see.

// Sara

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