Non Stop Rock n Roll

I’m going to talk a bit about this album, “Non-Stop Rock n Roll”. I have talked about it before I’m sure, but seriously…

I recently re-discovered the album on our way down to Gothenburg to catch HammerFall and Civil War, as we decided to bring a CD from every shelf. Seeing Wig Wam has it’s own shelf, the choice was easily made. I can honestly say that “Non-Stop Rock n Roll” is by far Wig Wam’s best album ever made.

I’ve always been of the opinion that Wig Wam sort of re-made their albums over and over again, but improving them. Like, “Wig Wamania” was a new version of “Hard to Be a Rock n Roller” and thus, “Non Stop” becomes a better version of “Wig Wamania”. And seriously… This is one of my personal favorites as far as albums goes.

It starts off like a punch in the stomach with “Do You Really Wanna Taste It?” and continues on with the a bit heavier and rougher “Walls Come Down”. After this comes two more, to the music, happier songs – “Wild One”, which, despite the cheery music, is not a very happy song. “C’Mon Everybody” is the other one. And then it comes.

“Man in the Moon”

Like… Where do I even begin with this song? This is essentially the new “Bygone Zone” which is absolutely fantastic, but “Man in the Moon”… I get both extremely happy when I hear it, but I also feel like crying. I’m not even sure how to explain… The mixture of the music, the lyrics and Glam’s voice just makes it… epic. For being such a scaled down song. The melody line in the chorus is to die for…

“Still I’m Burning”… I love this song. It’s a more upbeat song, and most importantly – it features Teeny on vocals. For some reason, the more albums came out, the more the other members started singing. The song is… how do I explain this. It’s rough, almost a bit possessive, needing, craving. God I love it’s intensity.

And now… I’m going to talk about the best song on the album.

“Rocket Through My Heart”.

It might be hard to believe that this one is my favorite, considering what I wrote about “Man in The Moon”, but honestly… This song is… it has this low profile. When I hear this song, I think of summer. I think of festivals, I think of sitting in the park with a drink in your hand with your loved ones, catching the eye of that person that is or at least could be your lover, listening to an old school stereo. It has this 80’s vibe, this… how do I write this. I can’t. It’s just… perfect in so many ways without being particularly difficult, experimental or extreme. It’s just the perfect song for a perfect night.

Seriously. Wig Wam may be long gone, and I might not listen to this band at all as much as I should nowadays, but this album.. this album my friends. Some of the best bits, I tell you.

lalala 030

// Sara

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