Love Gun

Unlike last time we were in Stockholm, we actually woke up on time now, and seeing we had already packed the night before, leaving the hotel went to much more smooth and easy than it has ever before. I hope we can make this a habit, in some way.

We had breakfast as Espresso House as usual where we went over the happening of last night where of course, Michelle had to crack the dumbest comment ever when I tried to eat my chocolate ball.

“See this is our knife”.

I looked at her with a confused expression, our knife? And she then proceeded:

“You know, what Nikki talked about. This is our knife. If you keep stabbing the ball with the spoon, you will succeed!”

And I mean sure, she was right but at the moment I just sat and stared at the wall for a long time, hopefully making her re-think everything she has ever said. And then we laughed, a lot. After this was done, we quickly headed to H&M to try some clothes and then hitting up the slowest Subway worker in the world, I mean… I always try to be patient and have respect for the workers and know it ain’t always easy… but we were his only costumers. How… No. Just no.

We went to our bus gate only to by surprise bump into Sofia who was taking the same bus home.

Once on the bus, we started to deal with all those things you don’t really wanna deal with – real life. Work, school, and more work that had been pushed up because of the weekend had to be dealt with now. It was an abnormal lot of people who had called me during this time, so it was just to dig into it.

When we finally came home, we went to a quick meeting in the stable, headed off to rehearsals where we planted the first seeds to “Billion Dollar Babies” and then headed home quite early for being us.

As you can see, never, ever, fucking, rest.

// Sara

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