We Drink Your Blood

So, after a long, long, LONG wait, Sweden Rock has finally announced the first 22 bands. They are as follows;

Twisted Sister – Thank God. While I will go to some festivals that actually includes them, I was still a tiny bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to catch them on their farewell tour. So I was more than happy and welcome to see them coming to Sweden Rock as well, although I must admit that I wasn’t too surprised to see them on the bill.

Amaranthe – You know, the fun thing here is that I had a feeling they’d be on Sweden Rock, and so I started to wish for it. And here they are, announced! It’ll be good seeing them again.

Other bands were; King Diamond, The Hellacopters, Avantasia, Blind Guardian, Satyricon, Loudness, My Dying Bride, Dan Reed Network, Finntroll, Legion of the Damned, Gun, Eclipse, Bonafide, Twilight Force, King Witch, Robin George & Dangerous Music, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Tribulation and Pedalens Pågar.

And oh. One more.


You see, I didn’t even notice Twisted Sister or Amaranthe when I saw those five letters appear. Lordi. I mean.. Amen kind of hinted about it already in Brighton, but I didn’t really expect it to actually happen, since Sweden Rock seems to hate Lordi. But here they are. And I am SO excited to see them on my homefield.




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