After a fantastic night with Delain last night, we had a really calm day in. We decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood, which was pretty sweet. The amount of leaves though – seriously, I almost drowned! Had it not been so close to the road, chances are I’d start play in it.

Later we wound up on this really cute little coffeeshop for a fika. It was nice, what else could it possibly be? Later in the night, we headed downtown, or more like towards, Liége where we met up with some of Antoines friends from his old school. We walked around the nightclub district and then chose a pub were we sat to have a drink and talk for a couple of hours.

We decided to head home pretty early, but not until I had stopped by in a candyshop. Did you know, they have these chilil-looking candies, and completely unknowingly, I just ate one and then my mouth exploded because of the heat. Jokes on me, I guess. The night ended in a perhaps not so perfect way, but once we got home, sound and safe, we wrapped the night up with a movie.

By the way; these were the albums I got yesterday:


Amberian Dawn’s “Magic Forest” and Delain’s “The Human Contradiction”. I’m looking forward to listening to both of these either as soon as I get home or when I’m on the bus on my way home from Oslo.

// Sara

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