Loaded Gun

Today was the day! Ticket release for SlipKnot.

I must admit, I wasn’t in my best spirit when we were about to order the tickets. Not because I don’t look forward to see the boys again, on the contrary. SlipKnot is the only band that manages to make me excited. However, I had spent the whole night being somewhere between sleep and being awake because of my illness. Seriously, I had finally gotten better, and now I’m back in hell with a non-existing ball blocking my throat that I can’t swallow nor throw up.

But! We did get a hand on the tickets, and it was a bit stressful, but not because I was scared to not get tickets as Antoine might have thought, but because we were getting a bit different tickets, and most of the information was in Finnish. But. we managed to pull through so all is good!

Of course, my heart broke a little that I couldn’t take the specialized fan tickets, which we had for HammerFall and Lordi earlier this year, but you know… sometimes it’s just too expensive. Or more like, an unnecessary cost.


But, all in all. We got ’em. And I’m really excited. Now I just gotta put up some extra shifts at work to make sure I have enough money for it all. And fight with some stores over money.

// Sara

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