I’m going to adress something that, once again, is a big deal in Sweden right now.

I’m a very lucky person. I have never so far in my life ever failed to get a ticket to a concert I wanted to go to – regardless if it’s Lady Gaga or W.A.S.P here in town. Despite high ticket pressure, I’ve always managed. So I’ve personally never had to deal with second hand tickets personally. This is actually a subject I have written about previously, but in Swedish.

However, the entire second hand market for concert tickets disgusts me about as much as illegal downloading does. I’m talking about those people who buy as many tickets as possible only for the sake of making quite a big profit on other peoples desperation to see a band or an artist playing.

The incident in question is the two shows with Håkan Hellström at Ullevi. While I’m no fan of the man myself, I feel with the fans who was left without a ticket, and loads of them only because of these ticketsharks. And I feel with the artists who are forced to play to half empty arenas because the tickets doesn’t get sold.

I have previously done researches about this phenomena amongst audiences for my university program, and a lot of the people interviewed agreed with me – it’s time to end this.

And there was efficient way to do so. By making it illegal to sell tickets for higher price than the original.

Will this solve the problem? That is yet to see. However, what it will do is making it difficult for companies like Biljett.nu and so on to actually make any profit on it, which could hopefully lead to a decrease. Making selling tickets illegal all in all doesn’t work, nor should they be personal because there ARE people who may not, for various reasons, be able to attend, and it’s better they sell the ticket to someone else (for the original price) than having the ticket be unused.

Sweden, it’s time to wake up. Follow Denmarks lead. Make it illegal to sell for higher prices.

// Sara

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