The Chosen Ones

Dream Evil is solid fucking stuff. I had a hard time choosing what to listen to when fixing things up in my room today – to keep it interesting I figured I’d start this thing where I fix things for an albums duration and then I do other things.

But it’s always the same problem – what to listen to? So I turned to an old good friend of mine.

“Dragonslayer” by Dream Evil.

It’s funny. Dream Evil has never really been considered one of my favorite bands, however, “Dragonslayer” remains one of my favorite albums to date. It’s just… 11 (12) tracks pure perfection. It starts with the aggressive “Chasing The Dragon”, merging into “In Flames You Burn”, culminates in “The Chosen Ones” and… I could go on and on on how perfect this album is.

And it is. Beyond perfect. And no less than half of my room is also clean now, so thanks, Dream Evil!

dargonslayer 014

// Sara

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