Ahh. My favorite thing about getting ready for work is the little time I have glamming myself up, and I usually do this by grabbing everything I need, sit in my little cosy corner and put on a really good album. It has been different, before I always put on Sabaton on my iPod, then I moved on to picking out random albums and put in my CD player…. but now, I’ve moved up a notch.

Being a very non-eventful day, I decided to start going through my vinylcollection. I do actually hold quite a few pieces that I do not have on CD, so I took all of them out and are currently letting them rest on a chair of mine. However, today has been a total Toto day. I’ve had “The Seventh One” spinning (literally) all day, and as well right now as I get ready for work.

It’s a pretty good album. It’s a step up from “IV” and I really like it better than I thought it would. I’m still quite new on Toto, and was unsure, but like I said, it’s been spinning all day and it has been for a reason.

Other vinyls lying in my pile currently features Poison’s “Flesh & Blood” as well as a few of Lite Ford’s works (“Dancing on the Edge” and “Out for Blood”), and a few KISS ones, and of course, Dynazty (“Sultans of Sins”) and Return (“Straight Down The Line”). I’m planning to go through all of them over the next few days, but first, work times two.

// Sara

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